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hi everybody

i know it has been quite a while since my last letter, but i am sure you are all aware that this year did not start out the best for me and my family.........with all of the transitions that have been made within my immediate family and now just a few days ago losing hal david has just added more days of grieving for me.

i know you all have had me held in prayer and for this again i cannot thank you enough.............in the meanwhile, some good stuff has happened of which i am so very grateful for.......i am a firm believer that when one window closes another will open..........i have completed my 50th year commemorative cd which will be released on the 22nd of October and i must say it is WONDERFUL............we revisited some of the very early songs and both burt and hal gave me 2 new songs each to record which are really super, and i know you all will enjoy.........i am also very happy to say i had the opportunity to work with both of my sons on this project.........damon did a marvelous job of recording and mixing the cd, and david sounds wonderful on the duet we did..........busting buttons?, YES I AM!!...........i've been on tour and have so far covered JAPAN, ITALY, GERMANY, IRELAND, THE U.K., BRAZIL, and will be heading for the ASIA, AFRICA, CHINA, and RUSSIA soon...........i do hope i will be in an area that most of you will be able to attend one of the concerts.

i will be coming into the states around the holiday season and once those dates have been finalized they will be on the concert schedule on the site.

i hope you have all had a wonderful summer and are enjoying the long holiday weekend giving you all great last days of summer and getting ready for a productive fall season

i look forward to seeing you all soon and please take good care of yourselves

until then